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About 1,000 bearded bikers in Texas gathered for the most brilliant cause ever. The event took place on Sunday afternoon.

As Conservative Tribune reports, they surrounded a semi-truck to escort it from the town of Temple to the city of Copperas Cove. The truck’s content was split to America’s most precious residents. Children.

This was the Tri-County Toy Run, a fundraiser to help children who can’t enjoy Christmas as others. The 24-year-old annual event brought gifts to these children.

“It’s not fair that they don’t have a Christmas, and so that’s the reason we started doing this, and it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or shining, because kids do not realize that just because it’s raining that day, they didn’t get anything,” explained biker Debra Justice. She’s been part of the run since 1998, accompanied by her husband. “So we come — rain, shine, sleet, snow, you name it.”

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The goodness was followed by hundreds of Austin bikers who helped abused children, and the rain didn’t stop them.

During the 28th annual Austin Motorcyclists Toy Run, the bearded bikers gave presents to Helping Hand Home. I’s an organization that gives “a place to heal for abused, neglected and abandoned children.”

“The biker community — I just can’t say enough,” the home’s executive director, Ted Keyser, said. “Rain or shine, they are here to send a message of hope to abused children in Texas.”

You see, it’s not bikers the ones you should run away from. These people did more good than most politicians in the country. When was the last time you did something good?



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