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Perhaps one of the positive things that Trump’s presidency will bring is the termination of sanctuary towns, and Trump’s latest news on the matter couldn’t be more encouraging regarding this issue.

Trump revealed that the moment his administration is settled, federal funds that take part in the progressive program that shelters illegal immigrants will be shortened.

Liberal mayors from sanctuary cities behave as they are doing the residents of their towns some favor by adhering to the rules of this program, where they only violate the law by doing so. On the contrary, it is an insult that the tax money from the hard-working residents of these cities are used to protect illegal aliens, when the taxes could be put to a much better use.

With this reform, the sanctuary cities will risk losing the federal funds thay have utilized for a long time to balance their budget. Practically, a lot of these cities will have an economic difficulty if the federal funds are forbidden.

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If only a small amount of the funds are apportioned to help the city, to help the common, hard-working, legal crezidents, life in these communities will flourish.

Illegal immigrants have to be relocated to a different country for the sake of the legal residents and their families. And that’s that. It is absurd to think that so much money is spent on improving the lives of illegals when the normal U.S. citizens struggles to make ends meet.

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