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Congress went very well for Trey Gowdy last night, although the Democrats were ready to crush him.

Because of that, Gowdy had to tie some ends together and finish off some work related to former DNC candidate for president, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has not been allowed to enter the White House.

Trey stated, “There is sufficient evidence, both direct and circumstantial, upon which a jury could conclude an intent to violate the law.”


“This evidence includes concealment of evidence, destruction of evidence and false exculpatory statements – all of which fall under the general heading of consciousness of guilt.”

“It would appear the investigation is back to the status quo ante, which means Director Comey believes Secretary Clinton was indeed extremely careless in her handling of classified material,” he added.

“Yet there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to prove Secretary Clinton had specific intent to violate a statute which specifically provides for the lower statute which specifically provides for the lower scienter standard of gross negligence.”

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