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Donald Trump has been slowly but surely building his team for the White House and has already determined several positions for some people.

Sarah Palin is a part of that team, while before she served as the Alaska governor and was the 2008 vice presidential candidate. Now, Donald Trump is considering Palin for the position of secretary of veterans affairs.

The Department of Veterans Affairs the government agency of largest size in the country, and has around 300,000 federal employees. Also, its annual budget for 2017 is around $182 billion. Sarah Palin is very experienced in managing budgets, aiding veterans affairs and disposing of waste.

Palin has been also speaking out against Obama and attacked his commitment with the veterans. She proposed reforms for the veterans but none was ever accepted or carried out.

Sarah Palin wants this position, as it is natural, and even posted a video for that purpose supporting the veterans. She also incorporated a message of support from son-in-law Dakota Meyer, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

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She is very passionate about this cause and shows strong dedication in dealing with all related affairs. She was even considered for energy secretary and secretary of the interior.

 At the beginning of this month she talked about her  “Drill, baby, drill” energy views.

“NOW is the time to shut off the Saudi oil cartel flow valve and develop our own God-given natural resources. The only excuse not to become energy independent is a political excuse,” she wrote.
According to The Daily Caller, a spokesman for the veterans and Fox news contributor, Pete Hegseth has been revised for the position. Trump also met him on Tuesday.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly had an interview on Nov. 21 with Trump’s advising team coordinator, Kellyanne Conway, in which Conway denied that Palin was taken into consideration for the spot.

“I know that they’re close and that she’s been a great, loyal friend and adviser to him throughout the campaign, but I haven’t seen her as part of the cabinet mix,” Conway said.

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But ABC News are stating something else, and we have to see if these changes are valid.

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Source Conservative Tribune


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