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Although Stein and Clinton knew that their recount won’t make them winners, they still proceeded with whatever they were doing.

The truth is that Donald Trump won’t lose his presidency.

The idea was to prevent the electors from giving their votes by December 19th.

As Young Conservative reports, the Greens are dropping their recount idea in Pennsylvania.


From CBS Pittsburgh:

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – The Green Party is dropping its court case seeking a recount of Pennsylvania’s Nov. 8 presidential election. It had wanted to explore whether voting machines and systems had been hacked and the election result manipulated.

The Green Party’s filing came Saturday, saying it couldn’t afford the $1 million bond the court had set. A Commonwealth Court hearing had been scheduled in the case for Monday, and the $1 million bond was due later that day.

This is a huge victory.

Stein is no longer on the way of our President-elect, but we bet that he didn’t worry at all.

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The Dems may hate it, but Trump will become the President of America officially. January 20th is the big day.

The victory is in our hands. Do you approve Jill’s move? Could this recount change things after the elections?


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