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The Michigan Recount isn’t going to happen, as the President-elect filed a lawsuit to stop the whole process. It was about time, right?

Trump decided to sue the Michigan’s Director of Elections Christopher Thomas and Michigan’s Board of State Canvassers, as The Blaze reports. This lawsuit is a sign of Trump’s intentions regarding the recount. If they still decide to proceed with the process, he “will continue to suffer irreparable injury.”

The lawsuit may not achieve the results we expect, as the Michigan board of elections froze Trump’s request to stop the recount. Everything points out to the fact that the recount is starting on Wednesday. But, it may not happen after all, of course, if a federal court gets involved.

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Everybody is confused about the whole recount thing. The Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette issued a petition to the Michigan Supreme Court on Friday in order to stop the process. He called it “frivolous and expensive.” But, his petition is still pending.

Jill Stein is on the top of the initiative, as she is disappointed with the results she got in Michigan. She only won one percent. The Green Party’s candidate also required recounts in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Stein started the whole thing as she wants to ensure “the integrity and accuracy of the vote.” But, Jill’s recounts won’t change the fact that Trump won, and Trump is only heading towards the White House.

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