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Is Jill Stein serious about the recount thing? She may be, but the whole thing is nothing but a huge nonsense, and we’d really like it to end.

Stein and Hillary are embarrassing all Americans, and the importance of the election process.

But, as Young Conservatives reports, Trump filled a complaint yesterday. It was about time for someone to put an end to this chaos.

This was followed by the lawsuit of Michigan’s attorney general.

From Red State:

This is just coming out via Politico, and it’s an interesting turn of events in the (ridiculous) election recount saga started by Jill Stein and endorsed by many Democrats and liberals.

Michigan’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit to stop a recount of the presidential election results requested by Green Party nominee Jill Stein, his office announced on Friday.

“Michigan voters rejected Stein’s candidacy by massive margins but her refusal to accept that state-verified result poses an expensive and risky threat to hard-working taxpayers and abuses the intent of Michigan law,” Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, a Republican, said. “We have asked the court to end the recount which Stein is pursuing in violation of Michigan laws that protect the integrity of our elections. It is inexcusable for Stein to put Michigan voters at risk of paying millions and potentially losing their voice in the Electoral College in the process.”

Schuette’s lawsuit, filed on behalf of the state, asks the Michigan Board of Canvassers to reject Stein’s recount request on the grounds that Stein has acknowledged she has no evidence that fraud or widespread errors were committed.

Finally. Let’s end this thing.

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Hillary Clinton lost the elections, and it’t time to accept that.

It takes about 270 electoral votes to win the elections, and Hillary wasn’t even close to it.

Show some dignity, people, no recount is going to change the fact that Trump is our new President.

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