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Green Party’s Jill Stein does her best in pushing forward a recount that will get her a few more votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Remember how she claimed that the Trump team pulled out a voter fraud? This was an awesome comedy, but now it seems that Stein may manage to change the situation with the whole presidency thing.

This was something we never expected to happen…

As MRC Blog reports, the President-elect did his best to stop the recount process in Wisconsin. But, pro-Stein people who gave the initiative for the recount found strong evidence that may indicate a potential fraud.

“Wendy” was right there in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. That’s all we know about the individual who witnessed the whole thing. They are processing both the machines and the ballots. “Wendy” said that five out of nine voting machines had their seals broken. This evidence was posted on Stein’s website. “Removal of seal voids warranty” stands eight next to the seals.

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It’s pretty unclear whether the voting machines have been “used” before or after the elections. We still need evidence to prove whether the machines were used now or in previous elections.

The situation is pretty serious. MRC Blog says that the Wisconsin case may indicate something strange going on. The recount showed disobedience of rules, and cheated voters.

Do you believe Stein’s evidence? Or is there something else we should know? Sometimes even the obvious isn’t that obvious.



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