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The only thing Obama managed to do during his presidency is show disrespect for American soldiers and veterans. This was the reason many entertainers were afraid to do something for our soldiers.

But, Carrie Underwood doesn’t belong to the group of “scared celebs.”

As Web Daily reports, one week before Veteran’s Day, Underwood gave 700 military families a magnificent private concert on board the Carnival Vista cruise ship. The singer is an ambassador for Carnival Cruise Line in their partnership with Operation Homefront. The one-hour concert consisted of songs from Underwood’s “Storyteller Tour.”

Underwood is proud to be part of such event that makes military family members and veterans happy.

“We did have a lot of families come out to see us when we were on the road and I got to meet a lot of them,” Underwood stated.

The country music singer noted that she has never been on a cruise. Wonder why? Well, it’s all about the celebrity schedule stuff.

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“We don’t get to take too many vacations because both of our schedules are just crazy but we try to take little mini ones here and there,” Underwood said.

Do you support Underwood’s effort to honor the military family members? This is something you don’t see very often, right?


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