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In the closest race for president in Michigan’s history, Republican Donald Trump is hanging on to a 10,704-vote win over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

During the tight presidential race in Michigan on election night, it has finally been reveaed that Trump won the state with almost 11k more that Hillary.

Results were revealed on Wednesday after the votes had been recounted within every county.

Before this count, Trump had a 13, 107 vote lead over Hillary, but even after the votes were recertified in each county, Trump still held a 10, 704 vote lead.

Wisconsin’s Board of Canvassers will finally seal the results on November 28. The electoral college votes in all states, including Michigan’s 16 elecotarates, will cast their ballots on December 19.

“Many people have asked about Michigan’s process for counting ballots and certifying election results. Please be aware that all 1,521 Michigan cities and townships completed ballot counting and reported unofficial results by the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 9,” according to a statement on the Secretary of State’s website. “The county canvassing boards, as they do after every election, then began their work to review and certify the results from each precinct.”

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Throuhout the country, Trump ednded up winning 306 electoral votes, and Hillary won 232. However, Hillary has an impressive 2 million vote lead in the popular vote. Donald Trump is the only GOP who has won the state of Michigan from 1988 onwards.

The estimated numbers that will be given over to the state Canvassers Board on November 28 are:

  • Donald J. Trump, Republican: 2,279,543
  • Hillary Clinton, Democratic: 2,268,839
  • Gary Johnson, Libertarian: 172,136
  • Jill Stein, Green: 51,463
  • Darrell L. Castle, U.S. Taxpayers: 16,139
  • Evan McMullin, write-in: 8,177
  • Emidio Mimi Soltysik, Natural Law: 2,209
  • Michael Maturen, write-in: 517
  • Tom Hoefling, write-in: 95
  • Laurence Kotlikoff, write-in: 87
  • Ben Hartnell, write-in: 39
  • Monica Moorehead, write-in: 30
  • Cherunda Fox, write-in: 10

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