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Chip and Joannna Gaines have been known to the public for the insults and criticism they got regarding their faith in Christianity. After HGTV went after them hard, numerous defenders stood on their side.

According to a Buzzfeed post, composed by Chief Los Angeles Correspondent Kate Arthur, the couple was declared guilty about visiting a church whose pastor did not approve of homosexuality and considered this a sin.

On Thursday, engaged Brandon Ambrosino, who declares himself gay wrote for the Washington Post and attacked Buzzfeed for releasing a “non-story”:

“I have heard from a few well-meaning Christian friends that they feel they can’t attend my ceremony. I think that’s silly, I think it’s theologically misguided, and it hurts me deeply because it makes it seem as if they care more about abstract principles than me, their friend and family member.

Still, I do not think these conservatives should be shamed or mocked. I do not think they should be fired. And I certainly do not think they should be the butt of a popular BuzzFeed article.”

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David and Jason Benham, who are former HGTV stars also went after Buzzfeed for bashing the couple and called the medium piece of the puzzle called “thought mafia.”

The brothers’ show was cancelled because they were clear advocates on gay marriage and abortion in 2014.

They were called names like “anti-gay” and “anti-choice”. This came after a post was released by the website Right Wing Watch , in which it was stated that the pair was holding a prayer rally outside the Democratic National Convention in 2012.

Megyn Kelly heard a lot from David about how this changed their lives:

“Here the ‘thought mafia’ is targeting another Christian couple. Jason and I knew, I mean this is the same thing that came after us and it’s time to stand up for the Gaines Family.

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But that is not the most interesting part. This initiative is created  to keep faithful people quiet and avoid sexual revolution.

You look from Obergefell in ’15 and now to where we are today, where Jason and I, we were actually fired for simply about voicing our opinions about marriage and sexuality within the context of marriage, the Gaines are being pressured because they simply attend church.”

On Wednesday, Jason also engaged into a conversation with The Blaze’s Dana Loesch and showed his sadness about the sufferings that the Gaines family has to go through and recalled their similar experience from two years earlier:

“David and I also know what the phone call that Chip and Joanna probably received from HGTV is the same as what we received. I remember when (HGTV) called us and said ‘guys, man we are getting pushed, and we’re getting hammered by these groups.’ And I know that’s exactly what’s happening right now.”

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This ‘non’story’ will not affect the people who released it but the Christian community has been asked to show their support during these troubling period.

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