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Liberal celebrities promised to leave America if Donald Trump becomes a President. And so he did.

As Conservative Tribunе reports, it seems like these celebrities can’t fulfill their promises.

This triggered an enormous mockery. Can you imagine what would the pre-flight announcement sound like? We’re talking about a flight that would take these celebrities out of the country and straight to Canada. It’s all satirical, people.

The noise of the jet engines along with the intercom announces the pilot’s voice. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking, welcome aboard Trump Flight 1600 with nonstop service to Canada.”

“We’d like to welcome all of our celebrity defectors, and we’ll get you out of America just as soon as the tower clears us for takeoff,” the “Trump Pilot” continued.

The “pilot” also noted that once they get the cruising altitude, the attendants will collect celebrities’ US citizenship renunciation forms, and provide them with drinks and crying tissues.

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“Once we reach the drop zone, you’ll be guided to the exit ramp in the rear of the plane where you’ll take a crash course on parachute folding and be jettisoned shortly thereafter,” the “pilot” informed his passengers. “We’d like to thank you for choosing Trump Airlines and hope you have a soft landing. Buh-bye.”

Check for yourself, it’s hilarious:

This is just a satire, but if these celebrities stay true to their promise, America will be a happier place to live in.

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