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Hillary Clinton, if you ask the Liberals, will say did everything according to the rules and agenda and thus she should have won the elections instead of Donald Trump.

However, the official results of the leections have arrived and Clinton is nothing but far from victory. However, she does have a large amount of illegals who illicitly voted for her! 

As reports state, aroud three million votes belong to illegal immigrants, and the majority voted for Hillary Clinton.

If we put these votes aside, since they are irregular and are violating the law, Donald trump was the only and true winner in the elections and had more than one million people voting for him.

Furthermore, we are also aware thet Trump beat Clinton in the Electoral College as well with 306 to 232. if we put this into percentage, it is 57 to 43 in Trump’s favor.

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As far as the states go, Trump won in more than 30 states, and Hillary barely made 20. Those results were 30.25 to 19.75.

The liberals can raise hell all they want, but the facts are obvious.

Clinton didn’t manage to pull the illegal voting card all the way through, and rig the elections. Trump won 84 percent of the 3,083 counties in the U.S., which makes him the sole winner.

Although the liberals tend to speak of honesty and dignity, they are anything but those things.

Even though the results may not be pleasing to them, it is what it is. The Republicans can be proud to have won fair and square and the liberals are left with a lot of thinking to do.

No manipulative and criminal tactic that Clinton had planned worked, and we are finally pleased to say that we have elected a presdient that suits America’s needs.

So, instead of wasting our time feeling sorry or angry at the Liberals, we ought to get down to business.

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Source: Angry Patriot


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