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Donald trump was the topic of discussion on Saturday’s  Justice, where Judge Jeanine Pirro analyzed the concluded deal with the Carrier corporation.

This deal provides the preserving of around 1,100 American jobs in Indiana, something Trump promised before he won the elections.

She compared Trump’s promise with President Ronald Reagan’s freeing of over 50 Americans held hostage in Iran. This was a hard task for his predecessor, Jimmy Carter, who failed to deliver.

Then she continued on talking about President Obama and the time he told a steelworker that workers should become modernized as time goes by, instead of preventing outsourcing.

Trump received many criticism from the liberals mostly, because he wanted to keep the jobs located in America instead of moving them to Mexico. Pirro stated that plenty of immigrants who reside in America illegally are often allowed to come to the U.S., although this is very bad for the America jobs:

“We do all kinds of generous things for illegals [and] refugees– We educate them, medicate them, house them, give them food stamps– we even give them ObamaCare, although the president said it wouldn’t cover them… Where’s our incentive?”

“You’re watching in real-time a president-elect who is not all talk, a leader who is going to show us real hope and change… You’re watching Ronald Reagan,” Pirro said.

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“It’s a miracle . We finally have an incoming president who actually understands how to conduct business for the American people.  Business rather than politics- although he’s just proven himself to be pretty good at politics too.

President-elect Donald Trump already making deals, just as he promised;  the strategist and c-e-o that our country needs.  Certainly not a politician constantly worried about universal approval.  Great leaders whether they’re heads of countries or companies deliver… They understand making decisions are not about winning the popular vote. They know instinctively what’s needed to get it done– not stopping to test fingers to the wind.

And so on Thursday, president-elect trump, in a carrier

Plant in Indianapolis, announced a deal to keep more than a thousand jobs *in* the united states that were scheduled to be outsourced to mexico.  Amazing.  A president who actually fulfills a promise before he even moves into the oval office.  Remind you of

Another great leader?  Ronald Reagan and those 52 american hostages held in Iran for 444 days that jimmy carter couldn’t get released for the life of himself before he left the white house.

Curious that in June, when president Obama was asked by a member of the very steel workers union employed by carrier if *anything* could be done to stem the tide of jobs leaving the united states, referencing that candidate trump says he can do it.  Mr. hope and change himself answers¦  not a chance.  Pontificating to this steelworker that american workers need to learn better skills to adapt to new technology like clean energy.  By the way it was Obama’s dept of energy, that sold us Solyndra, that clean energy company destined for failure that lost a half a billion taxpayer dollars? Sure learn that technology and you’d be out of a job there for good.”

And then he takes his shot- listen:

“Magic wand?  The magic wand, Mr. President, that Donald Trump has all that you don’t is a business accumen, a focus and a passion for the american worker who desperately wants nothing more than a job and the ability to feed the family.

And to those naysayers-including Sarah Palin-who criticize him – let me ask you a question:  if we can keep companies from exporting american jobs to foreign countries by offering incentives, why wouldn’t we do that?  We do all kinds of generous things for illegals, refugees.  We educate them, medicate them, house them, give them food stamps, we even give them Obamacare although the president said it wouldn’t cover them  we bring them in by the thousands. All that costs taxpayer dollars?  Not to mention the security danger.  Wheres our incentive?

Shouldn’t American workers be allowed to keep their jobs pay their mortgages and their rent put gas in their cars heat their homes buy food help elderly parents, not to mention putting a gift or 2 under a tree assuming they can afford to buy one., all of which keeps our economy going. At least american workers pay taxes, more than just sales tax that fund our government to *pay* for the illegals and refugees.  So if we give that tax cut at least we get some tax back.  Not to mention that these american families wont then  have to go on unemployment or welfare.

No fancy slogans here folks.  No one liners.  But you’re watching history.  You’re watching another Ronald Reagan.  You’re watching in real time a president-elect who is not all talk, a leader who is going to *show*  us real hope and change.  It’s time for america to believe.   It’s not only Christmas everyone.  It’s morning in America once again.”

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