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The Liberal New York governor, Andrew Cuomo is failing at doing his job.

Aside from his malpractice, he seems to have corruption issues as well.

What we know so far is that Cuomo has been acting suspiciously during the past weekend.

Around 40% of the employees Cuomo has are off the books.

Last week, Preet Bharara has indicted several associates of Cuomo’s. Afterwards, the Albany Times Union started investigating and dug up something peculiar. Steven F. Aiello is one of the inidcted entities, who’s son also works as a senior policy adviser. His son, Steven L. Aiello, has been doing his job for over a year after which he transferred. However, Steven L. Aiello never showed his face on the payroll roster for the Governor’s office.

The organization that actually pays him to work is the Division of Military and Naval Affairs.

This case is very complicated to say the least. Around half of the people working for the Governor experienced the same payroll of other agencies or “quasi-governmental entities.”

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This is something that has been going on for almost ten or more years now.  Research director of the fiscally conservative Empire Center for Public Policy, E.J. McMahon, claimed that the governors were allowed to do this in a more covered up manner and would never have to be given a hard time fot budget increase.

“It’s an accountability and transparency issue,” McMahon said. “It’s done so that the Executive Chamber staff doesn’t look so big. That’s the only conceivable reason they’d do it.”

A list of the 209 people who supposedly worked at the chamber has been provided by the gobernor’s office after public records right was used by the Times Union.

As a reuslt, it was discovered that the Executive Chamber only pays around 120 of the employees.

That means that 89 of the workers on’t get paid whatsoever. This is not technically illegal but it affects the taxpayers significantly.

We now have to question the budget of the Division of Military and Naval Affairs and why it has never been cut down so the taxpayers can save money?

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Cuomo did what suited him the best without even thinking about the bigger picture.

The people of New York are angry, and for a good reason.

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Source: Young Cons


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