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Obama did not so good things over the past eight years, and now he decided to sent his representatives to Castro’s funeral.

Castro is a Cuban hero who took care of his people. Health care and… This is absolute nonsense, so I better stop here.

As Young Conservatives reports, Obama’s statement on Castro’s death triggered a scandal, and now the way he honored the dictator will cause even greater scandal.

From USA Today:

WASHINGTON — President Obama will not send an official delegation to the funeral of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, but two Obama administration officials will attend and represent the United States, the White House said Tuesday.

Attending the funeral will be Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes and Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis, the chief U.S. diplomat in Havana.

The unusual arrangement represents an attempt by Obama to maintain a policy of strengthening diplomatic ties between the two countries, while not honoring Castro with a more formal show of support from the United States.

The Cuban-American community is hit hard with this step.

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Can you imagine what Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will say about the move President Obama made?

Here’s what Cruz said a couple days ago…

From ABC News:

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz challenged President Obama and other top administration officials to not attend Fidel Castro’s funeral.

Cruz said on ABC News’ “This Week” that the death of the longtime Cuban leader presents “an interesting test” for U.S. officials over the the next few days.

“It is a real opportunity for U.S. officials to show where they stand. Let’s stand with human rights and let’s not celebrate someone who has 60 years of blood on his hands,” Cruz told ABC News’ Martha Raddatz.

“I hope we don’t see Barack Obama and Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats lining up to lionize a murderous tyrant and thug,” the Texas senator said. “If you wouldn’t go to Pol Pot’s funeral or Stalin’s funeral or Mao’s funeral because they were murderous communist dictators then you shouldn’t be doing what Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau are doing, which is celebrating Fidel Castro, a murderous communist dictator.”

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