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Derrick Wilburn asks: what will be the legacy of Barack Obama’s presidency? Obama is leaving behind a mess. A train wreck.  An utter disaster. But fifty years from now, what will his presidency be remembered for?

The President has failed in so many ways. The lame foreign policy which lead to “complications in the Middle East.” The country has more debts than ever. Riots in the streets, attack on police officers, lies associated with legislation, taxes… Should we say ad some more?

The Tea Party movement gave the Republicans 63 seats in the House, the biggest midterm seat change since 1938, and six Senate seats. The Republicans also got record 680 seats in state legislative races, and a control of 26 state legislatures, which caused a drop of the Dems from 50 to 15. The Republicans took 11 governorships from the Dems, and made a total od 29. Data shows that 54 incumbents lost the re-election bids that year, and 52 of these were Dems.

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The 2014 midterms brought all 435 House seats, 36 Senate seats, 38 governorships, 46 state legislatures. It seemed impossible, but the Democratic defeat in 2010 was significantly smaller. Republicans had the control over the US Senate. This happened for the first time since 2006, which increased the commanding majority in the House, and gave two additional governorships.

Nothing went well for the Democrats. 2014 marked the largest Republican majority in the whole century, 54 seats in the Senate, 247 in the House, 31 governorships, and 68 state legislative chambers. Republicans had their hugest majority in Congress and the most important majority of state legislatures since 1928.

State legislative elections had even worse results. After the elections in 2014, the number of Republican-controlled state senates and assemblies went up to 68, which was the highest number in favor of Republicans since 1928, and the poorest number in Democrat control since 1860.

But on Tuesday night, November 8, 2016 Obama finally destroyed his party. The Dems won the presidency and the vice presidency, retained control in the Senate and the House, and got three more governor positions. With these elections, the Republicans have more governors since 1922.

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Obama is associated with narcissism, hatred for members in the party, radicalness of hope and mutations of his agenda. In eight years, he destroyed his own people in the way the Republicans never could.

The Dems had just a few potential candidates, and the Republicans can offer a lot more. If you ask the Dems, most of them would name Bernie Sanders as their only option. Wasn’t he the one who was robbed by his people?

According to the Federalist Papers Project, the list of current and future Republican leaders younger than 55 is pretty long – Rand Paul is 53; Marco Rubio, 45; Bobby Jindal, 53; Chris Christie, 54; Nikki Haley, 44; Ted Cruz, 45; Scott Walker, 49.  Who would defend the Democrats’ honor? Chuck Schumer? John Conyers?

Obama did nothing but harm to his country. None of his visions helped us. his legacy is dark and sad.

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