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If you are still asking, yes, Planned Parenthood is still the disgusting organization you knew before.

As Young Conservatives reports, liberals swear that the group never sold baby parts.

Liberals also believe that partial birth abortion isn’t a thing which means they don’t really have the credibility in this area. America’s left is something you don’t take seriously.

The reality is pretty black. Planned Parenthood is nothing more than a horror, and most of their actions can be considered illegal.

If they do everything legal, the Congress wouldn’t require a criminal prosecution. But, there is strong evidence that they did…

From Townhall:

With all eyes on President-elect Donald Trump’s forming cabinet, you may have missed a major development in the Planned Parenthood undercover video scandal. On Thursday, the House Energy & Commerce Committee’s Select Investigative Panel decided to refer the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast to the Texas attorney general for criminal prosecution due to its selling of aborted baby parts.

“The evidence that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast charged exorbitant amounts of taxpayer money in exchange for fetal specimens that it provided at nearly zero cost is overwhelming,” CMP President David Daleiden said at the time, urging Texas leaders to send a message that Houston’s children are “not for sale.”

They got the message – and so did Congress. After the Select Investigative Panel’s investigation, they felt compelled to refer Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast for criminal prosecution.

We bet you don’t like the story.

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Liberals like you to think that Planned Parenthood is the only option for women.

That’s the biggest of all lies.

Women can get the same services in thousands of health centers  in America.

Would you give $500 million taxpayer money to organizations like Planned Parenthood? Organizations that profit from selling baby parts, do hundreds of thousands of abortions, and cover up child rape, that’s just disgusting.

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