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Baltimore thugs go to far with their hypocrisy to hope for justice. Remember how they assaulted police officers? Some of them even burned law enforcement vehicles and damaged properties.

Donta Betts is one of the hugest rioters in the streets. Well, guess what? He got what he deserved. A Baltimore judge sentenced him to 15 years. That’s what we’re talking about. They may keep rioting now.

Too many people witnessed the event, and Betts didn’t feel guilty at all when he said his last words.

As Conservative Tribune reports, Betts’ confession shocked prosecutors. “I did all this because that was my period to go wild on police,” Bets said.

You can watch the video here.

The Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t enjoy much respect out there. Liberals are the only “citizens” that support their attitude and principles. As if there were any principles at all.

If you ask the majority, a good spank is the only thing these thugs deserve.

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“Donta Betts was a menace to society here in Baltimore. The scope of the criminal activity he was involved in is really breathtaking,” U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein explains.

Betts’ crimes ranged from “throwing rocks to destroying police cars, starting fires, (and) stealing from pharmacies.”

Maybe the prison will help this guy gather his thoughts.

“It’s very important for the city to recognize when people commit violent acts like this, they’re going to be held responsible,” added David Cheplak, an investigator for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives..

But, what about the politicians who triggered all this? These stupid thugs aren’t the only criminals here. Politicians gave “those who wished to destroy space to do that as well”?

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