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Trump’s presidency is Dem’s worst nightmare. They hate the idea of having Trump as President, as you all know. Remember the uncontrolled riots?

Green Party Jill Stein gave her money to get a recount, but, she got slammed in the face. Her effort didn’t give any fruits.


From Politico:

Advocates of the long-shot bid to turn the Electoral College against Donald Trump have been in contact with close allies of Hillary Clinton, according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions, but the Clinton camp — and Clinton herself — have declined to weigh in on the merits of the plan.

Hillary may be leading the wolf pack, but another shadow could replace Trump.

Politico continued:

Kasich is increasingly seen as the most acceptable Republican alternative to electors on both sides of the aisle, according to multiple electors familiar with the conversations. They note that Kasich defeated Trump in Ohio’s primary, that the governor boasts a high approval rating in his state and that Kasich was reportedly under consideration to be Trump’s vice president before he selected Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

“Many Electors are saying that Gov. John Kasich would be best for our country. A consensus is beginning to form that Gov. Kasich would be best positioned to unite America,” Micheal Baca said in a statement to Politico on Sunday. Other electors involved in the effort confirmed this line of thinking.

It’s unclear whether Kasich would accept support from these electors, and a top political adviser downplayed the strategy.

As Patriot Journal reports, the low blows won’t do anything to get Trump down, so these people better chillax and focus on something else instead.

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Is it possible to defeat these traitors? If not, where will this end? The situation in America got this bad because of the traitor policies…


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