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Donald Тrump has been promising to “drain the swamp” ever since the election cycle started. The Washington authorities have been playing dumb about the enormous waste that happens in the area and they even had the nerve to steal from the American citizens to feed their own ambitions and administration.

 Trump has the advantage of being a longtime businessman who knows how things should look like for real, so we trust him to handle this problem effectively.

Now, an old and forgotten report came to light and this comes at the same time that trump started doing his job.

 From The Washington Post:


One study conducted by the Pentagon, that cost $125 billion has proven that there is an administrative waste in their actions and businesses. They were also afraid Congress might be onto them.

The Pentagon authorities have done this study to create a large back-office bureaucracy and to increase its productiveness in order to reinvest in combat dominance. Since this was doing more harm than good, the senior defense officials decided to shut it down and swept the results under the rug.

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The report was first released in 2015 and it contains “a clear path” for the Defense Department on how to save $125 billion over five years.

The general idea was not to enforce layoffs or decrease the number of military personnel. This was supposed to be conducted through attrition and early retirements and expensive contractors.

The Pentagon has to really think about what they are doing. The Liberals may complain about Trump’s actions and initiatives especially the one including the intended build of the $5 billion wall.

The economy need repairing so new and fresh ideas are more than welcome at this time. No waste should occur again, and we hope to see America prosper again soon.

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