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Modern people scream about “freedom of speech.” It’s a right and privilege of modern society, a clear sign of free countries. But, some people don’t enjoy this privilege. It depends on the issue covered in the “free speech.” Need an example? All the pedophile horrors that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

It’s a fact that some truths will never see the light of the day.

Sometimes we won’t hear a thing about a scandal that has shaken Australia.

For example, a story released in Australia won’t be seen in America.

The Australian 60 Minutes revealed a huge scandal that happens worldwide. Have you ever heard anything about the pedophile issue? The scandal also involves politicians, the MSM, the FBI, CIA and law enforcement. The whole thing is controlled by the Global Pedophile Network (GPN).

Check this out:

There are a few aspects we should cover.

First, victims’ identity is protected, as interviewers don’t expose the photos on camera. Both the victim and the show are safe.

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Did you pay enough attention to Tom O’Connor’s statement? He said that children aren’t reliable witnesses, because of their age, inability to reason and judgement. He also said that children older than 4 can accept and agree to have “erotic contact” with adults. Isn’t this what pedophiles say?

This matter is serious and deep. Conspiracy and corruption all around.

Here’s Clinton/Weiner faction of the sex cartel:

“Details emerged over the weekend [ca. November 4] that 10k emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop were held in a folder titled “Life Insurance” and that he is cooperating with the FBI investigation. Was this Weiner’s “Dead Man’s Switch”?

As Conservative Daily Post explains, whistleblowers keep incriminating details, and use them as “life insurance,” cause honestly speaking, some are threatened to death. Some have “committed suicide.” Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Steven green are some of the whistleblowers that hide information of this type.

Steve Pieczenik has something to say on the matter:

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You may also ant to check the older evidence of the conspiracy that is wrapped around the world:

“For years it’s been rumored that the globalist elite are involved in some pretty strange practices, from mock sacrificing a baby at Bohemian Grove to the testimony that a child was actually murdered in a Bohemian Grove ritual. The testimony and evidence in this article prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allegations of Bohemian Grove are just the tip of the iceberg. …

In another case called “The Finders,” Director Gunderson claimed CIA connected “elite” were kidnapping and drugging kids in an operation called Operation Brownstone.”

It’s more than clear that the Clintons have something to do with all the disgusting scandals.

Watch out!

Stop this sickness before another child gets hurt! Stop the Clintons and anyone involved in this scandal!

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