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The stupidities that are related to Jill Stein and her insisting on a recount have very little credibility. She seemed to care more about this than about her own campaign and her lack of money.

This recount was suggested by Stein in Michigan and might cost America’s taxpayers up to $12 million, according to Fox News. 

She managed to give $6.5 million back, which almost covered the expenses in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

As Stein said, she wishes for 4.8 million ballots cast recounted in the state.

Eric Doster, the Republican attorney, is defending Trump in time of the recount.

As Doster claimed, the recount should cost around $10 to $12 million. These numbers include overtime pay, training, security, and travel expenses.

On Monday, it was stated in Michigan that Trump won the state with 10,704 in the popular vote against Hillary Clinton, and he was given about 16 of the state’s electoral votes.

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No proof of hacking has been still revealed. So why is the recount necessary?

The liberals alongside the Green Party head stated that they are trying to save thje country troubles and spare the election process troubles and irregularities.

However, should the recounts be approved in the three states the deadline will be missed and the results will not be certified.

In case the states cannot confirm the votes no electors will be sent to take part in the Electoral College. Then, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin will be forced  to miss the Electoral College. And if the states can’t take participation, Trump will not be able to get to the 270 threshold.

In case this happens, Congress will be the one brining the decision of who becomes the presidnet of America. And since the Republicans control Congress, the final result will not differ from the present one.

The taxpayers are will be burdened tremendously and Trump will remain president regardless. The Liberals can whine all they want, but the matter of fact is that trump was elected by the people and the elections were totally on point.

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Source: Angry Patriot


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