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Stephanie Clemons Thompson, the Ohio State University Assistant Director of Residence Life is suspected to have published a message to Facebook. In the message she encourages the followers not to share her post, but to feel for radical Islamic terrorist, Abdul Razak Ali Artan. On Monday Artan was the one who went on a car and knife rampage.

There was a mysterious screenshot that surfaced on the internet and it is believed to have come from Clemons Thompson, but  none of this was officially verified.

In case it is proven that Thompson was responsible for posting this, she was probably awrae of the drama it will cause.

Here is a screenshot from the post in question:

The post encouraged people to “think of the pain he must have been in,” and wrote #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHisName, a tag regularly used by the BLM regarding people who trust in police injustice and killings they triggered.

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The Radical Islamic terrorist deservedcompassion, or so Clemons Thompson believes. He used a car and a knife and gave his best effprts to hurt as many people as possible. In the process he managed to injure 11 people.

This man often rebeled about not having enough praying sessions on campus and that he was not okay with praying openly.

As Thompson explained this, the Christians are privileged when doing crimes and are more often released than prosecuted for them.

Fortunately in Ohio,  State officer Alan Horujko acted promptly and effectively and stopped the terrorist from continuing his actions. Ten people remained injured in the drama, but no lethal consequences occurred.

Whatever Artan’s reasons were behind this, there is no justificationfor his actions. The only thing we can feel right now is sorry for the poor soul who knows nothing but violence.

However, we are not down with the idea that the “SayHisName” hashtag was the reason for his imprisonment.

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Thompson was clearly aware of this, and still posted nonsence on social media, trying to get the BLM and the citizens of America to react.

However, when she suggested that no one should repost her post, she knew that what she was doing was wrong. This cn cost her a lot, and she should definitely be sanctioned in some way.

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Source Conservative Tribune


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