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TV Land network informed the public about their decision to pull the syndicated series “The Dukes of Hazzard” from their program. Of course, the network didn’t provide many details on the issue.

This didn’t surprise us at all, as we all well aware of the current politically correct assault on the Confederate flag. But, it’s a sure sign that the assault has become quite absurd.

Ben “Cooter” Jones, one of the actors in the series, wasn’t quite fond of the decision to cancel the series. Some say it’s because of the part with the embattled flag on the roof of the iconic 1969 Dodge Charger known as the “General Lee.”

The actor explained that the flag issue has reached a serious point. He also added that people had fun watching the series. Well, it’s more than clear that the controversy has gone too far this time.

Jones appeared on the “Fox & Friends” morning show, and said that it’s good for families, comparing it to the Viacom program, referring to it as “some of he sleaziest trash” you can watch on your TV.


“This is like the book burning in Nazi Germany or something. This sweeping cultural cleansing that they’re doing. It’s got to stop,” Jones explained.

As Conservative Tribune reports, Jones welcomed his supporters to visit his Cooter’s Place Facebook page, and sign a petition that will bring the show back on TV.  t

You can watch the video here.

Ben Jones did it right with the issue about the assault. Would you like them to get the show back on TV? Do you approve such policy?

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