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On Sunday, Harris Faulkner, the host at FOX news had her show  Fox Report in which she revealed for the public the devastating reason of why she had been off the network screens a since a little before Thanksgiving.

Fist, the host expressed her “enormous gratitude … from me and on behalf of my entire family.”

The host, who is also a fellow host of Outnumbered stated that she had to get back home to Dallas.

“My mom passed away just hours after our plane landed,” she said.

She showcased a photo her young self alongside her mother.

“That’s me in her arms,” she said. “That’s her passport picture from the 1970s. She took me with her everywhere, including that picture.”

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Her mother’s passing was a shock to the entire family, but she felt the need to exlapin to the public why she was gone.

“It had only been seven weeks since doctors told us that she only had about a year to live from fourth-stage lung cancer. Just a few weeks ago,” she said.

“The Lord obviously had another plan, not based on what doctors thought they could do but maybe what she can do in Heaven, like love us and watch over us with her incredible giving spirit.”

“It’s going to be great to have somebody on our side up there,” she added, recalling the way her mother enjoyed watching Faulkner on TV.

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