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WikiLeaks pushed out another batch of files involving the US armed, trained and financed Yemeni forces in the country’s civil war.

Each of the 500 internal leaked documents is a proof that the Yemeni government was empowered with aircraft, patrol boats, weapons, on-site U.S. training and assistance teams, the Yemeni procurement biometric systems, two English-language labs and various other military hardware from America. The documents were hacked from the US embassy in Sana’a, Yemen.

As Western Journalism reports, this enforcement costed $147 million. About $99 million went for “counterterrorism aviation support;” $41 million  for the Yemeni Navy for “operations support and capacity building.” Another $7 million were sent for a “counterterrorism direct action force support” package.

“The United States government has provided most of the bombs and is deeply involved in the conduct of the war itself,” Assange explained on the website.

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The “Yemen Files” contained 200 emails and 300 PDFs which covered the period from 2009 to 2015. As you are already guessing, this covers both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Obama has sealed 42 weapons deals with Yemen since 2009, estimated to $115 billion, as confirmed by the September report from the Center for International Policy.

With Yemen settled at an essential “narrow choke point” regarding the oil trade that spreads through the Middle East, the civil war in Yemen is more like a strategic scenario, Assange explains.

Obama received a warning by the State Department that the country may be accused of committing war crimes in the Yemeni issue. In which way? Well, they did provide logistical and intelligence help to the Saudi-led coalition. However, Obama has sent $1.3 billion to Saudi Arabia since 2015.

Saudi Arabia refused to prolong the two-day cease-fire that was “lit” on Monday. The outcome was more than devastating. At least 12 Yemeni civilians were died, and the blame went to both sides, since they both violated the cease-fire.

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Assange gave his own statement, as a support to the Friday’s leak.

“The war in Yemen has produced 3.15 million internally displaced persons,” Assange said. “Although the United States government has provided most of the bombs and is deeply involved in the conduct of the war itself, reportage on the war in English is conspicuously rare.”

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