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It seems like the presidential election made Megyn Kelly famous.

Her unfriendly relation with President-elect Donald Trump got so popular during the campaign, and it was literally impossible to ignore her presence in the media.

The feud split Fox News viewers.

Some of them supported Trump, and the others praised Kelly.

But, they all agree that the elections brought Kelly’s reputation up.

And Now, Matt Drudge rings the alarm… What will happen to Kelly’s future in the world of media?

From Mediaite:

The current headline on the Drudge Report doesn’t link anywhere. It’s just a six-word sentence that packs a big punch. It is the definition of “whoa, if true.” See for yourself:

Reports on Kelly’s job prospects beyond Fox News have been conflicting. Some say other networks aren’t welcoming the queen of cable news ratings with open arms, but her co-hosting stint on Live!gave Kelly Ripa‘s morning show its highest ratings since Michael Strahan left.

Kelly is aiming too high. Her requirements of over $20 million may not meet Fox criteria. As Young Conservatives report, they may quit working with her.

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Not even her latest book about Roger Ailes and the sexual misconduct could put things together, and soften any sharp edges.

We’re patient enough to see what happens next…

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