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Critics would find a black spot in anything Trump does, including the transfer of power.

Trump’s latest order is taking Obama’s ambassadors to leave their position by January 20.

This is a standard procedure, but Trump’s critics are so unhappy about this that they claim it to be unfair.

The New York Times has the details about this:

The mandate — issued “without exceptions,” according to a terse State Department cable sent on Dec. 23, diplomats who saw it said — threatens to leave the United States without Senate-confirmed envoys for months in critical nations like Germany, Canada and Britain. In the past, administrations of both parties have often granted extensions on a case-by-case basis to allow a handful of ambassadors, particularly those with school-age children, to remain in place for weeks or months.


Some say that there is nothing abnormal about this, and that the media are setting up a play. John Podhoretz said that the ambassadors knew that they would have to leave, and that the Times is publishing an absolute nonsense.

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Associated Press diplomatic writer Matt Lee took tweeted his opinion about the transition of power, and the issue of these ambassadors.


“This is a non-story,” Lee tweeted. “Presidents choose their own ambassadors. None, especially non-career ones, should expect to stay post-transition.”

What do you think about this? Do you think that these ambassadors should leave?


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