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One Carrier employee, known as Robin Maynard, who has worked there for 24 years just released a heartbreaking gratitude to Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

The statement was announced on Wednesday during an interview on Fox News.

Have a look:

On Tuesday we learned that Trump has concluded a deal that does not allow 1,000 open job positions to go to Mexico. Meanwhile, Maynard told “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy that this move by Trump is more than incredible.

“I would like to tell him thank you for going out of your way and taking your time away from your family, working on the Carrier and employees’ deal,” Maynard stated. “Sticking to your word and going to bat for us all at Carrier and keeping our jobs here. I’d like to thank him and Mike Pence for doing it so quickly.”

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Maynard confirmed he never expected “an announcement for three or four weeks, and we’re what? Two days from the meeting with them, and they’ve already made their announcement?”“I’m very excited and would like to thank both of them personally and shake their hands hopefully tomorrow.”

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Source Daily Caller


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