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The very well known and rarely truly funny, Rosie O’Donnell, recently pushed her Donald Trump brawl to a whole new level.

They have first started their argument in 2006, and that continued until this day. Now, Rosie O’Donnell posted a Tweet in which she shares her opinion on Trump’s son, Barron.

As Fox News states, O’Donnell suspected Barron’s autism.

She also tweeted a video of Barron that indicates his possible symptoms of autism.

She should know, however, Barron is only 10 years old. This is highly disrepectful and violating for Barron and no one should involve family in their personal fights.

The social media went wild Tand attacked O’Donell for speaking inappropriately.

here are some of the Tweets directed her way- beware, they may contain strong language.

She has no sense of compassion or respect for anyone and even allows herself to comment ridiculous stuff so she seems smart. Not cool, O’Donell.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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