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The people are again being denied the truth that should arrive from the so-called transparent media. However, a reporter from a minor station just revealed certain shocking information about George Soros and his plans to udnermine America.

George Soros is apparently planning on invading the American soil with  Muslim refugees. This information somes from the local North Dakota, who stated that Soros was the one who kept Hillary Clinton’s campaign alive and active.

He certainly has the funds to do as he pleases, but his goals are anything but kind. Thnks to his countless foundations, CLinton got to spread her lies and stay tight in the election race.

A few of Soror’ organizations are his Partnership for A New American Economy (PNAE) and Welcoming America.

Soros cares about no city or town in America- he plans on harming every area possible and bringing in the Muslims from the Middle East.

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How will Soros get this done? With money, of course, lots and lots of money.

These organizations are planning on giving money to the Muslims in the form of pretend grants and donations. As we know, Soros is the proud giver of the Gateway for Growth Award.

The funds received from this award are seemingly used to “educate” the citizens on the “perks” of immigration expansion.

The following cities are just some which have been subjected to Soros’ influence and money: Akron and Summit County, Ohio; Anchorage, Alaska; Birmingham, Alabama; Brownsville, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; Fargo, North Dakota; Houston, Indianapolis; Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Macomb County, Michigan; Nashville, Tennessee; and the entire state of Arizona.

This award i suitably given to the town mayors. Most mayors feel reluctant to refuse this income, so Soros is hugely helped by people’s greed and their lack of patriotism.

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Source: Angry Patriot

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