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We’re fed up with this situation, and so is Police Chief Edward Flynn.

The chief of Milwaukee’s law enforcement agency was attacked by black activists.

Flynn was accused of ignoring a recent officer-involved shooting.

What was the outcome of the shooting? A black man died. His name was Donte Hamilton. But, what you don’t know is the officer was protecting himself during the deadly attacker. His life was in danger. Donte assaulted the officer using a police baton.

It’s become quite easy to accuse white officers for everything that happens to black people. Racism, targeting, harassing. Not fair.

The incident was the reason a police commission met, but the protesters were “too kind” to disrupt it, and shout anti-police phrases.

Chief Flynn was accused of being uncaring, as some said he was on his cell phone during the meeting.

That’s not the real truth. Flynn had to use the phone, as he was notified about a drive-by shooting. A black gang did the mess, and unfortunately, a 5-year-old girl.

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When Flynn was asked about the phone call, he couldn’t handle it anymore. It happened outside the meeting, and Flynn took it personally. How did he react?

“I was on my phone, that’s true,” Flynn started. “I was following developments with a 5-year-old little girl, sitting on her dad’s lap who just got shot in the head by a drive by shooting.”

This was nothing easy, and Flynn was pretty upset.

“If some of the people here gave a good ******* about the victimization of people in this community by crime, I’d take some of their invective more seriously.”

Flynn’s anger was addressed to the race baiters, who always picked on white officers. This was just a perfect opportunity.

“The greatest racial disparity in the city of Milwaukee is getting shot and killed, hello! 80 percent of my homicide victims every year are African American. 80 percent of our aggravated assault victims are African American.”

As Conservative Tribune reports, he talked to the people who use these events to push out their own agenda without being worried of the real terror that is happening at the moment.

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“Now, they know all about the last three people that have been killed by the Milwaukee police department over the course of the last several years,” the upset Flynn added. “There’s not one of them, can name one of the last three homicide victims we’ve had in this city.”

He said: “This city is at risk all right — but it’s not because men and women in blue risk their lives protecting it.”

Flynn tried to calm down before he reached his point.

“We’re going up there, and there’s a bunch of cops processing the scene of a dead kid. And they’re the ones that are gonna be out there patrolling and stopping suspects that might have guns under the front seat. They’re the ones that are gonna take the risk to their lives, to try to clean this thing up.”

This video is a clear sign that the police is often a target, but they are only protecting others from criminals, because they have to. That’s something police officers would die for. Something you don’t have to, right?

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We encourage more people to bring out their honesty about the black gang crimes that destroy others. A clear reminder.

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