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Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan have been the center of attention, after Green Party head, Jill Stein has been insisting on a recount, although Trump won fair and square.

Wisconsin initiated the recount during this week, but Hillary Clinton was not so happy about the newest results.

According to The Racine Journal Times, the first results came in on Thursday, and we could notice Trump had lost two votes, while Clinton had lost one.

Well, that moved Clinton up in the political world.

These results were published simultaneously on the webpage for Wisconsin Elections Commission.

The last two days’ recount showed no larger change in the figures.

No motion to stop the recount was allowed in Wisconsin by a federal judge, so the recount is expected to last until Dec. 9, when the official numbers are expected.

Those who are included in the recount have a deadline to re-tally the ballots, until Dec. 13.

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It is an initiative that cost America time money and patience.

The liberals cannot deal with the fact that Trump won, so they are pushing for illogical actions.

It is just the basic truth that Donald Trump won naturally, so we have to let go of all the crazy allegations and focus on repairing this country as soon as possible.

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