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Is Hillary serious with the whole recount thing? I bet she is, cause it’s still on. What Hillary doesn’t know is that she’s wasting people’s time and money for nothing. There is no way she could win Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. And the presidency? No way. She’s not doing well in Wisconsin so far.

As Right Wing News reports, Trump won Wisconsin, and had 20,000 more votes than her. Green Party’s Jill Stein pointed out that Trump team could have performed a voter fraud. Just for the record, Bush and Al Gore were 500 away from each other in 2000. And yes, Bush still won after the recount they had.

Wisconsin started off their recount on Thursday. Hillary got just one vote. Only one county showed major difference, and Stein got 17, and Johnson 12. Trump got 2 votes short, and Hillary lost 1. Were those thousands worth? A single vote?

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However, Stein still gave the money for the recount.

But, it was a bad decision after all. Jill Stein was $400,000 short. “Unfortunately, there was an error in adding up figures from the 72 Wisconsin county clerks of their estimated recount costs, and the actual total is $3,898,340,” stated the elections commission.

So, the question is next. Will Hillary still proceed with her plan? Giving money for nothing? What’s your bet?


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